For the sick, elderly, infants, children and their families, finding compassionate home health care is crucial.

Administrative Offices:  (914) 941-1710

For referrals, call:  (888) 355-0793

Servicing Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island

Family Home Health Care
(Home Health Aides):
  (914) 631-7200

Dominican Sisters Family Health Service, Inc. (DSFHS) delivers the highest level of compassionate care — right in your own home.

We care for people of all faiths, income levels and ages — from infant to elderly. When patients need skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapies, social work or other services, we can provide it. When patients need home health aides or paraprofessionals, our affiliate, Family Home Health Care, can provide them.

Now we can do even more. We recently joined ArchCare, The Continuing Care Community of the Archdiocese of New York. This will enable us to deliver coordinated, comprehensive, and expanded services to patients and their families. DSFHS patients now have access to a complete continuum of care available to meet their health needs at home as well as in other settings.

We also have a new name: ArchCare at Home, The Home Healthcare Service of the Archdiocese of New York.  As ArchCare at Home, we will deliver the same exceptional care patients, providers, and families have come to expect from DSFHS.